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We would like to send our deepest gratitude to Trevor Boddy for recording us, and Brandy Robertson for keeping Frankenstein and the cat clan occupied. A special thank you to Evan Martinez for being there for everything. We want to thank our families and friends that mean so much to us and inspire us to do the things that we do. Thank you to amazing bands like Recreant, Flying Snakes, Crow’s Foot, I’m An Intestine, Rotting Palms, Criminal Culture, Ikaruga (Trevor), Land Bridge, and to every other band in the Bay Area that makes this fun.

Thank you to the men, womyn, and children of Immokalee, Florida that are beaten and taken advantage of everyday. We try our hardest to educate and change the deplorable conditions in which you work and live. Thank you for the strength and courage that you display.

Thank you Food Not Bombs, whose members have seen much turmoil in the past few months. Members that are dear to us, Thomas Frain, Nicholas Emery, Alex Nadeau, Megan Svec, Jimmy Dunson, and the brothers and sisters that we have not yet met, thank you for standing for the rights of those who can not fend for themselves.

Through propaganda of all nature and threats from those with the “higher authority”, we have been pitted against one another, and we will no longer tolerate this. We will shed blood, sweat and tears for those who need it. We stand for equality and freedom for all and we try to inspire through our music and actions, people from all walks of life to take a look around them and fight for changes that are so desperately needed.

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released July 30, 2011



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Track Name: Intro
Let them call us terrorists. The power of truth always provokes terror in the hearts of the workers of injustice. And you who step on the backs of the innocent and grind that faces of the poor, be afraid, be terrified. Tremble. For this is only a whispering of what is to come. Us lions are still cubs, the storm has yet to materialize, and the fire is held in check. But we are growing, the storm is forming, and the fire, the fire is coming...

We Will Come For What's Ours
DIY Zine from St. Petersburg, Fl Circa 2011
Track Name: Watch
I watched my brother
Take the bullet for me
As his body collapsed
I fell to my knees
Blood and dirt smeared
All across our faces
My body shook as
He lost his breath
It’s in this bed
Where his body lays
He is nothing but a heartbeat
His mind is astray

The sound of guns
Are still ringing in my ears
Visions of bodies rotting
They’ve kept me up for years
I’m woken up from sleep
By the sound of screams
My soul is a demon
I’m going to break this spell

I watched my brother
Take the bullet for me
As his body collapsed
I fell to my knees
Blood and dirt smeared
All across our faces
My body shook as he lost his breath
It’s in this bed
Where his body lays
He’s nothing but a heartbeat
His mind’s astray
Track Name: Immokalee
Waking in the morning
Before the sun rises
Lacing up their boots
And saying their goodbyes
Loading up their trucks
With tears in their eyes
Working in the blistering sun
Cracked hands; throats dry
Slavery is not dead
It’s busy in the fields
Immokalee men and women
Letting down their shields
They pick until their hands bleed
They fall down to their knees
Picking for corporations
Who won’t pay for what they need
Picketing on the corner
For what we know is right
Greedy corporations
Denying their human rights
The Immokalee slave ship
Runs silent in the night
Tired human beings
Fighting for their lives

We are the voices of what they try to say
Fear of not eating every single day
Fear of a beating every single day
Who are you to objectify a life this way
It is important that we all work together
It is important that we nurture, care, and love each other
Slavery in masses still exist today
Education in masses is the only way
Corporations live off the lives of a slave trade

It’s in the fields
Where sweat soaks into the Earth
It’s in the factories where
Blood fills the smoke stacks
Where death is born
Slavery doesn’t stick to just one type of work
It doesn’t pick your gender or the year of your birth
Slavery chooses you whether you accept it or you don’t
The only way to fight slavery
Is for everyone to know

Slavery is not dead
It’s working in the fields.
Track Name: Collapsed
Say goodnight to the ones you love
More war no peace
As the Earth engulfs me
My tongue is tied
I have no pride
The Earth collapsed
No where to turn back

Look out to the open water
Let it drift you away

The Earth is black Open your eyes and let it burn inside
My soul is free Can you feel it crumbling inside your mind
Buried in the ground Can you feel it crumbling deep down inside
Swept away in the sea
Existence no longer
For you and me
Minimal meaning
In the lost galaxy